Spectroscopy Seminar 2017

Gabriele Santambrogio

First meeting: January 10, 10:00–13:00h in aula Querzoli (room 77 LENS). That will be the only lecture. The rest will be practice, with discussions and suggestions.

Each student will give two presentations, one 12 minutes and one 22 minutes long.

Short presentations

The short presentations will be given in a first round starting on Tuesday, January 31st. Every meeting will start at 10:00 and will be in aula Querzoli (room 77 LENS).

12’ presentation + 8’ scientific questions + 10' comments on the presentation = 30’

A. Boschetti31/1Fabry Perot
E. Castellucci31/1FTIR
T. Vignolini31/1Femtosecond lasers
M. Verde31/1Frequency combs
N. Falsini2/2Pump and probe
F. Lupi2/2NMR
M. Colautti2/2Ramsey spectroscopy
G. Ferioli7/2Data sampling
S. Checcucci7/22D FT
E. Lazzeri7/2Diffraction
H.-V. Do14/2Holography
F. Poggiali14/2MRI
N. Biagi14/2Lock-in

Long presentations

22’ presentation + 8’ scientific questions + 10’ comments = 40’

Tentative calendar:

21/2 Tuesday10:00–12:30Alice (Random lasers), Elena (DS Solar Cells), Tiziano (Superresolution microscopy)
23/2 Thursday10:00–12:30Maurizio (Molecular spectroscopy), Naomi (Dynamics H2O crystals)
28/2 Tuesday10:00–12:30Flavia (Synthesis LC elastomers), Van (Q-Gates)
02/3 Thursday10:00–12:30Giovanni (BEC), Simona (Light Traps)
07/3 Tuesday10:00–12:30Erica (3D Heart imaging), Maja (Photosynthesis nanophotonic simulator)
09/3 Thursday10:00–12:30Francesco (Diamond defects), Nicola (Q-Light)