Modern Methods in Spectroscopy 2016

Organization Gabriele Santambrogio

This course consists of ten lectures held by ten different scientists on their own current research. Each lecture describes an experimental technique, its motivation, its main results, together with an overview of the state of the art in the scientific field.

The goals of the course are, first, to give the students an overview of the experimental activity at LENS and second to train the attendance at scientific seminars. In fact the two hours available for each lecture are about twice the standard time of a full scientific presentation. This allows for a much broader introduction of the topic, for a more didactic treatment of the physics involved, and for the explanation of those phenomena that are assumed—often wrongly—to be known by the audience.

The students are expected to prepare the attendance to the classes by reading the suggested literature in advance. This is estimated to amount to one to two hours of work per lecture. Click on the lecture's title to read the abstract and find the links to the suggested literature.

At the end of the course of lectures, there will be a final test, on June 13th, consisting of a conversation about two selected lectures out of the ten. One lecture will be chosen by the student, whereas the other will be assigned randomly. To prepare for the final test, attendance to the lectures, and reading and understanding of the suggested literature is sufficient.

All classes are in Aula Querzoli at 10:00.

15-Feb-2016Chiara FortCold quantum Gases: The maturity era
22-Feb-2016Giacomo Roati & Francesco ScazzaUltracold atomic Fermi gases
07-Mar-2016Marco CapitanioOptical manipulation and imaging of single biological molecules
16-Mar-2016Leonardo SacconiFunctional imaging with linear and non-linear microscopy
21-Mar-2016Francesca IntontiDeep subwavelength imaging of light confined in ordered and disordered systems
04-Apr-2016Gabriele SantambrogioHigh precision measurements with cold molecules
11-Apr-2016Mario SantoroHigh Pressure Physics
09-May-2016Marco BelliniPlaying with quantum light
16-May-2016Markus GuehrUltrafast soft x-ray spectroscopy of molecular dynamics