Teaching Organization

Every year the PhD School on “Atomic and Molecular Photonics” (AMP) organizes at least two courses of 4 credits (CFU) each. The Coordinator of the AMP School, Francesco Cataliotti, shall appoint a person in charge for each course, to be chosen among the AMP faculty members; he or she shall assign the teaching load to one or more teachers.

The AMP School Coordinator and the persons in charge of the courses compose the Teaching Committee of the PhD School.

At the start of the academic year, the Teaching Committee shall issue the list of the courses for the year, including the syllabus of each course, the time schedule of classes and the names of the teachers.

Every PhD student is required to follow two courses in the first year and one course in the second year. The courses can be chosen among: a) those organized by the AMP school; b) those organized by other PhD schools of the University of Florence; c) courses of the Laurea Magistrale of the University of Florence.

Each year the PhD students shall submit their study plan with the courses chosen for the year. Each study plan shall undergo the approval of the Teaching Committee, after hearing the student’s Tutor.

At the end of each course, the students shall pass an examination; modalities of the examination will be agreed by the Teaching Committee and by the course teacher(s).