Teaching Organization

Every PhD student is required to follow courses for a total of 12 CFUs in the first year and a total of 6 CFU in the second year. The courses can be chosen among those organized by LENS and those organized by the Department of Physics. For courses offered by other Departments or Master Courses please contact the school coordinator for approval.

Each year the PhD students shall submit their study plan with the courses chosen for the year. Each study plan shall undergo the approval of the Teaching Committee, after hearing the student’s Tutor.

At the end of each course, the students shall pass an examination; modalities of the examination will be agreed by the Teaching Committee and by the course teacher(s).

Course offered by LENS in 2018

Computer for Science (3 CFU)
Gabriele Santambrogio (santambrogio _AT_ lens.unifi.it) -- February 20th to April 17th

Science communication (3 CFU)
Gabriele Santambrogio (santambrogio _AT_ lens.unifi.it) -- May-June

An introductory course to spectroscopy (4 CFU)
Phil Bunker (santambrogio _AT_ lens.unifi.it) October 4th to October 30th

The value of smart polymers, from robotics to biology (3 CFU)
Camilla Parmeggiani e Daniele Martella (parmeggiani _AT_ lens.unifi.it)

Fondamenti di Microscopia e Imaging (6 CFU)
Riccardo Cicchi, Leonardo Sacconi, Marco Capitanio, Ludovico Silvestri, Francesco Vanzi, Francesco Resta (rcicchi _AT_ lens.unifi.it)

Spins and Photons for Quantum Technologies (6CFU)
Nicole Fabbri (fabbri _AT_ lens.unifi.it)