Computer for Science

Gabriele Santambrogio

Beginning February 20th 2018, 9:30. Aula Querzoli.

4 CFU: The course consists of 12 lectures.

—Introduction. Ideas behind Linux/Unix. Basics commands. Install linux.
—Private networks.
—Basic server (with Apache, SQL, php etc. ).
—Basic cryptography, private-public key pairs.
—Data on a server: HTTP post, put, get; HTML forms, post, get; Graphical presentation of data; SQL databases.
—Measure a temperature, sture the values, serve the values.
—Hello world in c. GSL.
—Sums, integration, differentiation.
—Performances: Machine error, speed, optimization.
—Parallelization, multithreading.
—“Post production”: presenting data, plots, movies, bash scripting.