Computer for Science (3 CFU)

Gabriele Santambrogio

Beginning February 20th 2018, 14:00. Aula Querzoli.

The course consists of 12 lectures. Each student is lent a Raspberry for the duration of the course.

1. Installation of Raspbian, setup of the network interface, SSH server.
2. Installation of Apache server. Discussion of http protocol, html and html forms. Hello world with php.
3. Installation of SQL server. Phpmyadmin. Serving data from the databank over the web.
4. Reading a thermometer with the Raspberry.
5. Storing measurements in the databank and presenting them on a webpage.
6. Presenting the data in a dynamic graph.
7. Introduce C and install GSL: Hello world!
8. Read data, calculate statistics.
9. Numerical integration. Montecarlo methods.
10. Differential equations.
11. Post processing the data.
12. Parallel calculation