Currently studying

XXXIII cycle, started in November 2018


XXXIII cycle, started in November 2017

IsabellaDe Bellis
SantiagoHernandez Gomez

XXXII cycle, started in November 2016

AliceBoschettiPhysicsRandom lasers for criptography applicationsD. Wiersma
ElenaCastellucciChemistryUltrafast spectroscopic characterization of new materials for photovoltaic applicationsM. Di Donato
MajaColauttiPhysicsNanophotonic Simulators of Biological Light-Harvesting PhenomenaF. Caruso
DoHoang-Van PhysicsGeneration and Control of non-classical states on an Atom ChipF. Cataliotti
EricaLazzeriMedical and pharmaceutical biotechnologies Mesoscale imaging of the cardiac conduction systemL. Sacconi
FlaviaLupiChemistryPolymer based photonic structuresD. Wiersma
MartaMaranaChemistryHigh-pressure high-temperature behaviour in Fe-Ni-Al alloys: implications for their formation in the Khatyrka meteoriteR. Bini
MaurizioVerdePhysicsRandom lasers for criptography applicationsG. Santambrogio
TizianoVignoliniBiotechnologiesSingle Molecule and super-resolution imaging of drug-uptake by bacteria with antimicrobial resistanceM. Capitanio

Former students

XXXI cycle, started in November 2015

NicolaBiagiPhysicsHybrid entanglement and quantum teleportationM. Bellini
SimonaCheccucciPhysicsMie resonators for photonic applicationsM. Gurioli
EmiliaContiBiologyAll optical rehabilitation after strokeA. Mascaro
NaomiFalsiniChemistryUltrafast melting and crystallization dynamics of simple molecules under pressureR. Bini
GiovanniFerioliPhysicsQuantum entanglement generation with atomic Bose Einstein condensates in a double well potentialM. Fattori
FrancescoPoggialiPhysicsQuantum sensing with spin defects in diamondN. Fabbri
LapoTurriniBiologyReal-time imaging and optical control of neural activity in zebrafishF. Vanzi

XXX cycle, started in November 2014

EnricoBariaPhysicsMultimodal imaging for tissue diagnostics by combined two-photon and Raman microscopyR. Cicchi
ChiaraCalvagnaChemistryDynamical aspects of hydrophobic and hydrophilic solvation from time resolved infrared experimentsR. Righini
AnnamariaCampaPhysicsQuantum Cascade Laser-based comb-referenced measurements of terahertz molecular transitionsS. Bartalini
MicheleDe RegisPhysicsRoom temperature nonlinear generation of THz radiation for high precision spectroscopy and imagingP. De Natale
CristinaGiubaniMolecular biotechnologiesMorpho-functional imaging of tissues by time-resolved fluorescence microscopyF. Vanzi
LorenzoLiviPhysicsNew quantum simulations with ultracold Ytterbium gasesL. Fallani
DmitryNuzhdinPhysicsLight propagation in correlated disordered structuresD. Wiersma & H. Kalt
FrancescoUtelPhysicsPhotonic properties of structures with resonant behaviorD. Wiersma

XXIX cycle, started in November 2013

LucaCostanzoPhysicsHybrid quantum state and mode engineering of lightM. Bellini
AntoninoDi GiovannaMedical and pharmaceutical biotechnologiesBrain Vasculature Imaging with Two-photon and Light Sheet MicroscopyF. Pavone
SandraDoriaPhysicsEnergy Flow in Complex Molecular Systems: Spectroscopic Study by Static and Time-resolved TechniquesP. Foggi and S. Lloyd
AliGheisariTechnical Physics (Germany)Novel Tools for Simultaneous Optogenetic Manipulation and Calcium Imaging in the Zebrafish Nervous SystemF. Pavone
GiacomoInseroPhysicsHigh Precision Frequency Measurement on a CO Molecular Beam using a 6 m Coherent Source Referenced to a Fiber Delivered Absolute StandardP. De Natale
FedericoLa ChinaPhysicsDeep sub-wavelength imaging of light confined in optical micro- and nano-resonatorsF. Intonti
CosimoLo VecchioPhysicsControl of Quantum Dynamics on an Atom-ChipF. Cataliotti
SaraNocentiniPhysicsTunable polymeric photonic structuresD. Wiersma
LorenzoPattelliPhysicsImaging light transport at the femtosecond scale: a walk on the wild side of diffusionD. Wiersma
FrancescoSartiPhysicsHybrid integration of quantum and classical emitters on siliconM. Gurioli
DemetrioSceltaChemistryPressure-induced reactivity in confined systemsR. Bini
GiacomoSpagnolliPhysicsStudy of a Bose Einstein Condensate in a double well potentialM. Fattori

XXVIII cycle, started in November 2012

MurtazaAlì Khan Master in Advanced Photonics and Communication Engineering (in UK)Nanometric Surface Probing through Ultra-cold AtomsF. Cataliotti
NicolòAzzaroliChemistryOptical set-up development and software interface of 2d-visible coherent spectroscopy experiment to investigate dynamics of multi-chromophoric molecular complexesR. Righini
FrancescoCappelliPhysicsQuantum Cascade Lasers for mid-infrared spectroscopic and metrological Applications P. De Natale
GiacomoCappelliniPhysicsQubit encoding and quantum information with ultracold Ytterbium atoms J. Catani
HoChih-Hua PhysicsPhotonics and liquid crystal elastomersD. Wiersma
StefanoConclavePhysicsA bosonic mixture for the simulation of impurities and quantum magnetism in optical latticesF. Cataliotti
LorenzoCortesePhysicsRealization and Characterization of 3D Photonic Amorphous NanostructuresD. Wiersma
IreneCostantiniMedical and pharmaceutical biotechnologiesWhole-organ morphology explored by confocal light sheet microscopy F. Pavone
GiacomoMazzamutoPhysicsSingle Organic Molecules and Light Transport in Thin FilmsC. Toninelli
TommasoMazzoniPhysicsPrecision measurements and tests of fundamental physics with fermionic and bosonic isotopes of strontium atomsG. Tino
MatteoPrayer GallettiPhysicsStudying transcription regulation through super-resolution microscopy and single molecule detectionF. Pavone
SahrishRizviElectrical Engineering Quantum emitters near Metallic InterfacesC. Toninelli
MirkhalafSafouraPhysicsEntanglement detection via quantum Fisher information in a coupled atom-field systemA. Smerzi
GiuliaSemeghiniPhysicsInteraction, dimensionality and frustration: probing their interplay in disordered quantum systemsG. Modugno

XXVII cycle, started in November 2011

ClaudiaCrociniMedical biotechnologiesDefects of excitation contraction coupling in cardiac disease explored by random access microscopyF. Pavone
LorenzoGoriPhysics1D bosons in optical lattices: from superfluid to Bose glassG. Modugno
FilippoPratesiPhysicsDisordered photonic membranes and their application to solar cells D. Wiersma
ElenaRagnoniChemistryExcited state dynamics of carbonyl carotenoids investigated by ultrafast vibrational and electronic spectroscopies.P. Foggi
SaraRosiPhysicsInteracting Bosons in optical lattices: optimal control ground state production, entanglement characterization and 1D systemsM. Inguscio
SepidehZakeri PhysicsTransport properties in one-dimensional Levy-type disordered media.D. Wiersma
HaoZengPhysicsLight driven microscopy robotD. Wiersma

XXVI cycle, started in November 2010

Fatma Zohra BioudElectrical Engineering Microscopie de melange a quatre ondes resolue en polarisation pour sonder l'ordre moleculaire dans les milieux biologiquesF. Pavone
SamueleFanettiChemistryStructure and reactivity of model molecules under pressure by non-linear spectroscopyR. Bini
LucaGardiniPhysics3D tracking of single molecular motorsF. Pavone
AlessandroIagattiChemistryCharge and energy transfer in complex systemsP. Foggi
Avinash KumarPhysicsOne dimensional bosons: Atoms to moleculesG. Modugno
IlirjanaSinoBiophysicsSpectroscopic investigation of toxic heavy metals in environmental samples from coastal area of Vlora in Albania using XRFS, AAS, LIBSM. Artoni
LucaTanziPhysicsOne-dimensional disordered bosons from weak to strong interactions: the Bose glassM. Inguscio

XXV cycle, started in November 2009

GionataBelcastroBiotechnologiesCombining single-molecule localization, optical trapping and microfluidics for the study of protein-DNA interactionF. Pavone
MassimilianoLocatelliPhysicsMid infrared digital holography and terahertz imagingP. De Natale
MarcoMorattiPhysicsTransport phenomena in disordered time-dependent potentialsG. Modugno
MauroMozzoniPhysicsDisordered potentials for ultracold atomsG. Modugno
FrancescoMuniz MirandaChemistryModelling of spectroscopic and structural properties using molecular dynamicsV. Schettino
BarbaraPatriziBiologyDissociation and geminate recombination of CO in truncated hemoglobins probed by ultrafast infrared spectroscopyP. Foggi
Constantina PolycarpouPhysicsAdaptive detection of arbitrarily shaped ultrashort quantum light statesM. Bellini